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Aida has extensive experience in the hair industry. Her broad experience in haircuts and coloring allows her to consistently exceed clients’ expectations. Aida’s passion and commitment are abundantly evident and combine to ensure her clients return time after time. Aida is available by appointment only and you can reach her at 650.346.9996.



Angelica is one of our Esthetician/Waxoligists specializing in Brazilian, facial, and body waxing. She has completed more than 12,000 waxing services, making her incredibly proficient in her craft. Her gentle touch, expert techniques and quality waxing helps make every session extremely smooth and comfortable. Please click here to book with Angelica online 24/7 or she can be reached at 650.762.9296



Having managed a salon before and worked with major stylists in the industry, Annie has years experience getting the best results for her clients. Her dedication to her clients and her work are unmeasurable and her energy and enthusiasm are infectious. Her kindness and passion keeps us going everyday. Annie is available by appointment only and you can reach her at 650.200.7762.



Ariadni is one of the most talented stylists you can encounter.  She brings her NYC education to the floor with exceptional devotion to helping her male and female clients find the style that suits them best. Ariadni has a preternatural gift for delivering bouncy, glamorous cuts and color. She possesses an extraordinary, exciting talent beneath her aura of calm. Her modern sensibility and lively, ebullient personality have already made her one of the most sought after stylists at Les Amis. An incredibly convivial member of Les Amis, Ariadni embodies all of the warmth and glamour of Greece, her home country.



Brittany is the Team Lead of our Apprenticeship Program. A natural instructor and trained by the best in the world in New York City, she was born to teach and pass her copious knowledge to all our apprentices. An incredible member of this team, Brittany is a Bay Area native and a virtuoso hairstylist. Understated yet wildly gifted, funny, fearless, and beloved by all who book a session with her, Brittany is an extraordinary talent. Her passion and enthusiasm for extensions and cuts are all executed with a touch of innovative edge. She gives unconditionally, she teaches masterfully and executes like sheer talent. Her myriad of clients consider her a real friend and male clients regularly call on her for her unmistakable talent. She has a critical role in our Education Program and has an integral presence at Les Amis Salon.



Christina brings inventiveness and majestic technical proficiency to her craft every day. Few things are more effective at building someone’s self esteem than a vibrant new shade of hair, which is superbly performed by her. Christina, who was only the second hire of Les Amis, has been there since the beginning, and is adored by the discerning clientele—not only for her top-tier level of skill, but for her ebullient, joyful personality. Instinctive on one hand, cerebral on the other, Christina artfully customizes clients’ color based on hair texture, skin tone, eye color, and personality. NYC educated and trained, she embraces trends quickly and is devoted to helping women find the styles that suit them best. Christina possesses a formidable talent for amplifying a client’s natural beauty. She loves, lives and breathes beauty and fashion for women and men both.



Having qualifications in haircut artistry allows Eileen to bring to bear an understanding of the finer points of fashion styling and a sensitivity to mode and structure that gives a boldness and contemporary edge to all her clients. Eileen is definitely that one person that everyone turns to when things are not going right inside the salon. She’s always there for everyone and her styling skills are equally in demand for long hair styling, weddings, or formal occasions. Eileen is available by appointment only and you can reach her at 650.219.5136.



Jocelyn is one of a kind! She will make sure you get acquainted with her relatively quickly with her gentle smile and magical charm. One of the most hard-working people, Jocelyn has demonstrated exceptional dedication, talent and likability. She possesses unprecedented multitasking ability, operating without a fret and without ever forgetting to don a smile. In unexpected fashion, she will undoubtedly captivate you by her mesmerizing  haircuts and color techniques. Jocelyn has been trained in NYC to meet the utmost standards of Les Amis and our clientele. In addition to her natural skill, she’s booked time and again for her consistent efficiency and laid-back charm. Indeed, she’s a delightful and integral presence within Les Amis Salon.



Blessed with a natural sense of style and a sharp eye for beauty, Julie brings unwavering attention to detail as she works with an infectious enthusiasm that puts everyone at ease. Known for her full  incredible highlights and awesome color works, Julie is warm, confident and intuitive.  An incredible listener, clients immediately become her friends and open up to her almost instantaneously. Julie is so sweet and nice and always there when anyone needs her. She has an incredible work ethic and always pursuing opportunities to further her education in the industry. She’s a local grew up in Burlingame and she’s one of our hairstylists that we heavily depend on.



With her extensive experience in Goldwell color and elite education on cutting, Katie is a master of her craft. Anyone and everyone who sits in her chair feels like they have known her for years, creating a comfortable atmosphere to be pampered. She establishes an inviting experience for anyone who may be conservative about taking their hair to a new level through careful and complete consultations that help to support your vision of what you want your hair to embody. Clients marvel at her color corrective work and she thrives on creating bold and beautiful new looks for those in need of a boost. She is everything you look for in a stylist: Sheer talent, unparallelled energy, the kindest heart and a best friend. Katie’s exacting standards continue to exemplify the professionalism and creativity that clients know they’ll find at Les Amis Salon.


Kristina Luciani:

Kristina has been specializing in color and highlighting placement for over 10 years, making her a valuable asset to any client she services. She is a master at platinum blonding and correction, while also executing superb men’s hair cuts and styles. Kristina is also a certified Hot Heads extension technician, creating a unique and personalized look to every client that sits in her chair. Kristina is available by appointment only and you can reach her at 650.208.5076.



Lindsey greets everyone she meets with calm warmth and emanates positive energy by pampering each client, which is only one of the reasons it’s been a pleasure to have her at the Les Amis Salon. An incredibly hard working individual, tremendously talented known for her unfaltering attention to detail. She has extensive experience working with Goldwell color line. Her passion for hair goes beyond just making people look and feel beautiful. Let her woo her you with her incredible Sagittarius energy and put a smile on your face all day long. Lindsey loves the beach and boogie boarding. She also is a Yoga fanatic! Lindsey is adored at Les Amis Salon by clients and coworkers alike.



Mona comes to Les Amis with years of experience as a licensed esthetician. Her warm smile and presence lights up any room and she has a knack for making everyone feel welcomed and comfortable. She specialized in customized facials and gentle waxing services. All of her facials and therapies include a complimentary skin analysis and customized treatment that fits your specific skin care needs. Mona is available by appointment only and can be reached at 650.281.1137.



Samantha is the Salon’s Operations Manager. Her kind attitude and professionalism will exceed your expectations. Her discipline, work ethic, and admirable ability to manage salon operations exceeds all expectations every day. She is a critical player, if not the most critical player, in everything that we do as a team and everything starts and ends with her. First one in and the last one out of the salon, Sam dedicates a great deal of her time on personal and the professional development. Day in and day out, Sam does so much for the team that we have come to realize it’s impossible to have smooth day without her in the salon. She creates a comfortable, professional, and a fun atmosphere for all of us. We are blessed to know her and thankful to have her.




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