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Our mission statement would sum it up, but we’ll add 10 more reasons why you should give us a try:

  • Knowledge: We invest heavily in education. Our stylists and assistants have all participated in multi-day educational courses in NYC, and continue to attend year-round. We also have a rigorous 12 month training program for our apprentices.
  • Indefinable Energy: If you have visited us, you know what we’re referring to. We are all best friends and we hang out with each other on weekends, and after work, and all the time, even when we’re not at work (seriously). You wonder how is this good for our clients. And it’s because…
  • Happiness is Contagious: A new research from Harvard Medical School and UC San Diego suggests that happiness is influenced not only by the people you know, but by the people they know. Thus, our happiness influences the happiness of people we’ve never even met.
  • Upscale: Remodeled entirely a few years ago, the salon boasts 1800 sq ft of working area with large bay windows and a lot of natural light. Our comfortable and clean seating area is equipped with wifi and plenty of free parking is available.
  • Convenience: Outside of business hours or middle of the night, and you’re thinking about making an appointment? Make one instantaneously on our website. You have access to the same schedule that we see and can make an appointment without registering.
  • Free Consultation: We would love to talk about your hair with you and we don’t charge for it. You can make a consultation appointment online as well.
  • Complimentary Bang Trims: Are you a client? We won’t charge you for a bang trim.
  • We Love Our Community: We are an active member in our community and we give back. We volunteer and support the Highlands Community events, support Aragon High School and are proud sponsors of San Mateo High School Bearcats.
  • Bumble & Bumble: We have partnered exclusively with Bumble & Bumble and only use their products within our salon. From backbar, to stations, to retail shelves we merely offer top of the line hair products.
  • It’s a beautiful day! Why not: We would love for you to give us a chance and hopefully live up to your expectations. We are just a bunch of happy people who share three main qualities. Passion, knowledge, talent.

We would love to see you soon!


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113 De Anza Boulevard

Crystal Springs Village

San Mateo, CA 94402

650 570-5750